I visited many brickyards while in Pakistan. And since my return, Shokat is sending me an endless amount of needs. I am torn in my heart and in my limbs. I’m torn in heart not knowing which families to begin with and whether to take time to do the fund raisers or just keep slamming out tree jobs. That’s where the sore, torn limbs come in. Also, my business costs and taxes are sucking it up almost as fast as I can make it. It’s not the same cash flow as summer, but the labor is much easier in the fall. The good news is that I’ve FINALLY got a non profit up and ready to receive donations, to help free more families.

After stopped over and making hundreds of bricks in 100 degree spring and summer heat, this is the shower that mom and daughters get. There is no dignity even to at the least have privacy to shower well. They wash in one of the two garments that they own.
The old man Annat walked with us from the office area out to where the bonded laborers were working in Brick Yard #1, owned by brick master, Pappu Jut.
It’s a long walk from the brick master’s office to where the families spend their lives never working off their nominal loan.
I am greeted by precious sisters and their brother, who will never get to go to school, like the children in the other eighteen thousand bonded labor brick kilns of Pakistan. I will be working in either this one or another one near it for three days this winter. We’ve got to stir up some brick yard dust.
We came upon Amir and his wide Slohan. For 45 years they have spent their life here, making a massive amount of money for their brick master. Their nominal $100 loan had increased ( in interest from hell) to $1,200) listen to their answer when I ask them if they still want freedom toward the end of their lives .
Amir told us that his wife has difficulty seeing. With all the miracles we had experienced I prayed over Slohan and then turned the prayer to the heart of her nation. We would hopefully be back at Christmas to free the whole yard. Slohan has gotten her freedom ahead of time. Soon after returning to the states, Amir had to bury his life long mate.
I’m wondering the thoughts on Slohan’s husband’s head, as he looks upon his beloved wife. I know the thoughts in mine. We need to buy his and his grown sons and daughter’s freedom from their bondage.
Slohan has her mansion. In light of eternity, she’ll be seeing her Amir up in heaven, just in time for diner together, for a good meal for the first time in 45 years.

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