The non pasteurized water buffalo milk of Pakistan with cane sugar, is better than a milkshake. Left to right Shaukat, Wendell, Nadeem.
Rehana preaches. And to the left of Shokat is another interpreter, who cast the vision to have a Freedom School System in Kasur, and student of the bible, Shaffaf.
The James family ministers regularly to brickyards. Left to right, Shanza, then myself, then Pastor James, Suzyanna, Parveen and Saram. Not pictured is another son, Somrose.
Pastor Obaid Karamet, and Naveed Tariq administering medicines. Both of men minister to the physical and spiritual needs to the brick yard families in their realm of Okara.
Tahir Younas brings hope, prayer, food and teaching to the children of the brick yards he ministers too. Tahir founded our first Freedom School System of Pakistan in Harappa.
Adeel and Sonia Warris, minister to the poor in villages and brick yards on a regular basis.

About Me…

I was named after the abolitionist, Wendell Phillips. There was a pocket of Merferd fans ( my original TreeToon) ) in Pakistan, and I found out about ‘Brick Yard Children’. We are agents of the manifest love and deliverance of the Invisible Creator God.