Pastors Shokat Masih Gill on my right, and Nadeem Hamid , also my interpreter when in Pakistan on my left. We have been forging a strong friendship, and pray often together, regarding this challenge .
Rehana, Shokat’s wife, is a huge part of the team, And to the left of Shokat is another interpretor and student of the bible, Shaffaf.
The James family ministers regularly to brickyards. Left to right, Shanza, then myself, then Pastor James, Suzyanna, Parveen and Saram. Not pictured is another son, Somrose. We are EMPTYING one of the yards of families, that the James serve, on Christmas Eve, 2020.
Pastor Obaid Karamet, and Naveed Tariq administering medicines. Both of these brothers of mine minister in huge ways to the brick yard families in their realm of Okara.
Tahir Younas brings hope, prayer, food and teaching to the children of the brick yards he ministers too.
Adeel and Sonia Warris, minister to the poor in villages and brick yards on a regular basis.

About Me…

I was named after the abolitionist, Wendell Phillips, and have had a growing indignation at the subjugation of human beings by other human beings. They are forces of darkness and wickedness in high places that cause man’s cruelty to man.

Tree work was beginning to become weary to me, at 64 years old, ever since I was 19. We had lost a house and farm to Bank of America in 2008. It was unfair, should never have happened, and I was beginning over again. But all things work together, (Roman 8:28). My wife and I built our credit up again, with tree work, just the two of us, the many men I trained able now to work for themselves in their own tree care careers. Our four wonderful daughters were on their own, once we lost our home. They are doing good, singers, artists, two are married, each following hard after God. This is one reason I cry aloud every time I get to free a family with daughters, who finally get an education, and walk in their dream.

When the Ferguson uprising happened in 2014, many businesses were damaged from rioters. I took part in “Painting for Peace”. I also took part in a “Civil Righteousness movement.” We felt ‘called’ to Ferguson as Peace makers. Since then I have been doing both art and arboriculture (tree trimming).

I have a renewed vigor in my spirit, thankful to be able to still work hard, and for a while every 15 days I was able to purchase the freedom of a family in debt bondage. Now, at 65 I’ve slowed down from climbing the larger trees just a little. It is my hope to get other freedom gifted Americans to invest in freeing human beings, made in Creator God’s image, in Pakistan, India and beyond. It is my constant prayer, that hearts as hard as bricks, will be turned back to pliable mud, and The Pakistani Parliament, Will enforce the 1992 ruling against bonded labor, the authorities there will understand that God hates those who take a bribe, and the brick masters will let God’s people, made in His image go free. Or at the least pay a livable wage instead of using them as slaves. We have also begin “The Freedom School System” in several brick yard’s.