The most economical and simplest way to break the generational slavery of the minorities in all of bonded labor, whether it’s in the farm fields or factories or homes of the majority, is to educate the children. Illiteracy is over 40 percent among the free population of Pakistan. It is 99 percent illiteracy among the brick yards. The children are hungrier to learn than they are for their meager meals. They dream of being doctors, teachers, policemen, soldiers, dress designers, etc. Within the first two months of our first schools they were leaning to read and write in Urdu, their native tongue and also in English! We presently are bringing education to the children of 16 brick kilns; 340 children. We want to invite any of our partners to ‘adopt’ a part time teacher for $70 a month and a full time teacher for $125. Books for one school is $300 for the year for 30 students.