When Pastor Shokaut informed me that Gulshan had a fractured foot from a brick ( they are twice the size of our bricks here in St. Louis ) and that the brick master was cruelly still requiring her quota of 500 bricks a day, I couldn’t send the money over for her freedom fast enough.In this video Shokat’s wife Rihanna is about to inform Gulshan that she’s going to be free.
Gulshan and her two daughters loading their few possessions onto the donkey cart that will take her away from the bondage of the brick yard.
The second family freed from the Roshan brick yard / After visiting Gulshan and her daughters we traveled to visit the family of Shahzad who are staying presently with Shazad’s mother, who had plenty of room and love. Shazam is presently driving for a truck company. Shazam’s wife said they went hungry many a day, and Shazam said he relented every day for having ever taken a loan from the brick master. The mother was overcome with great joy, and then she began to cry and scream out as we prayed, for it seemed that some kind of spirits of grief were driven from her.
The Shazad family in 100 degree ten hour a day Pakistan summer heat. The mothers can not even take breaks to nurture or teach their children. The only thing the children grow up knowing to do, is making bricks.
The Shazad family’s eighteen slave years produced only enough food to barely survive, with barely enough strength to make bricks and their few lifetime possessions that fit on the small donkey cart that will drive them away from the brick yard.
This is a precious video, as Pastor Shokat prays the Lord’s Prayer and the Shazad family drives off waving to a handful of the remaining 11 brick yard families. I felt a sense of hope that the other families held hold of now, knowing that I was coming for the rest of them. I sensed an urgency that if I didn’t make it to Pakistan, the rest would never be free.
This is the Sohail family with their possessions on a cart to freedom. I was ‘purchasing’ a family’s freedom every fifteen days prior to coming to Pakistan to remove the rest of the families of the Roshan brick yard in person.
Pastors Shokat and Rihanna informing the Family their coming freedom. Sohail had been in this brickyard ever since he was a boy, 27 years ago.
Sohail had asked If he could borrow $200. He had a plan for a successful fruit selling business. I sent over $250, that enabled him to purchase a used rickshaw and motorcycle, and he instantly began selling fruit to many people along the roadside. It was not long before he was able to upgrade to a better rickshaw and motorcycle. He’s now making good money, and better money, than a freed family can make working for someone from the majority. .
This was the last of the individual family’s that we freed from the Rohan brick yard until I arrived in person in August to free the remaining nine. Shokat asked me back in spring of 2020 for a Freedom Merferd. It took me a while but then it came. Every brick master has the name of the brick kiln stamped on the brick, so this was a no brainer. These siblings were being forced to continue a quota of brick making even after their mother had succumb to the high summer heat and was laid up in a hospital, with their father at her side. This was a very fortunate family not to lose their mother like so many have. I visited them when I came in August, and will be visiting them again over Christmas holidays.
The sister and Rarul the brother were born here. They will be getting education, as soon as the schools re-open with the Covid going on.
Have Freedom Merferd will travel!
With ma and pa, their own courtyard, their own cow, the father does not have to slave ten hours a day suffering from asthma. Nor the children. The mother healed up after three days of heat stroke, and the father has got a real job!
We had freed three families and there were nine left to free. Here I am presenting the Roshan brick yard’s brick master, Rumzan a large wad of a million 400,000Pakistani RUPPES or $9500 US. It was surreal sitting next to him. Shokat had softened my heart toward this man. I sensed his countenance had changed. Having to let 13 well trained families of slaves go and having, by Pakistani standards, a large sum of money in one’s hand has to change something, but I was also sensing a softening of his soul. He gave us a couple hundred back and o gave him a large bag of M N M’s and a merferd Graphic Novel coloring book.
On Freedom Day, for the remaining 9 families; Left to right my interpreter Nadeem, then Shokat, brick master Muhammad Rumzan next to me, evangelist Rastum, and pastor Shokat’s wife, Rihanna.

As I have a very long layover in Abu Dhabi, I’m finally finding videos and photos of the Freed families and having much time to dig back through the archives and Post them here. Please forgive me for not having all the names remembered right now, I have them written down but not here, and Shokat knows them by heart. I will be editing these through the week here in Pakistan over chairman’s and I will be meeting, God willing with every single family to see how they are doingto see how they are doing.

On Freedom day, there was a family that had FOUR generations held in the brick yard! And this great grandma is 100 years old.
I can’t get over it… FOUR GENERATIONS in bonded labor in this brick yard. This was the best 13 grand I ever spent. It is the ONLY thirteen grand that I’ve ever spent.

An ice cream rickshaw man stopped on the side road next to the brick yard, and we bought all the kids icecream. It was the first time that many of them ever had cream.
We had no paid Brock master Ranzom yet and families were working right up to the last second.
The day before Freedom Day, I spoke with these three brothers who had been laboring together. Four years earlier their father had died. Ten years before that their mother had fled the brick yard.
It was my last day before returning to the states, and Shokat had gathered most of the families together for a time of thanksgiving and celebration.
The Sadique family freed
More of the Sadique family working hard at the Roshan brick kiln

Pastor Shokat had asked for and received the total that each family ‘owed’

There is much more to load….